A group of magic users form a guild in order to make some extra cash, strengthen their powers, and protect the city while they're at it! Little did they know they're in for a whole lot more than they signed up for... Evil, beasts, magic supremacists, and even gods?! Their list of enemies is never ending...! Will they be able to overcome these obstacles?


This OCverse has beein in the making since around... I want to say 2018? That was when I really started to develop the universe, plot and characters! I originally had a magical girl/magical boy ocverse with Blanca and Kai-yin (originally Kyle) for starters... then I made Mori and Damien and then I just added a bunch of other ocs that didn't really have a universe into this one and now it's this huge ass thing lol. I've added and scrapped a few characters, mostly added!! And a bunch more are going to come bc i had a surge in ideas for this AU lawll I changed and developed their characters a bit more and I'm hoping to make like a manga/webcomic out of this!! (well... we'll see LOL one can dream :p) I was really inspired by a bunch of different mythologies, mmorpgs and shounen manga ofc heh!

The name Haven of the Lotus comes from the fact that I think HaLo sounds sick and oh my god thats the fucking game series i just realized but whatever it means something different... but anyways this story has a lot of themes that deal with holy things, purity and impurity, reincarnation, etc. A lotus flower in Buddhism can be associated with faithfulness, purity, spiritual awakening and rebirth so I think it fits in pretty well... As well as in Egypt, a lotus can be a representation of the unification of the two Egyptian kingdoms (similar to how there are two worlds in HaLo heh....) and a havens like a safe space so.... a safe space for a lotus flower to bloom :3

sorry theres a lot of characters i'm still drawing and workin on the html n shizz xp



The world of Astrel is relatively small but still has a large population and rich history, this world is where the events of HaLo take place. Astrel is connected to its sister world of Utral, which is located in a different universe. These two worlds have been connected and crossing paths since their creation.

Astrel Continents

Astrel consists of four continents. These four continents were created by Aagi and Gishi.



The northernmost continent. It consists of 3 major regions that are all connected

Prauw Chait

Prauw Chait is the biggest of the three regions. It is located from the east to west of Acausia with Ocsana to the north and Ushyae to the south west. Prauw Chait is also located above Ioshar, allowing monsters to cross into the grasslands. There are not a lot of people in Prauw Chait and so the monsters don't pose a huge concern. The area is very rustic, lots of farmland and wildlife. Huge grasslands but also dense with jungles to the west. It only has smaller villages due to its low density Many beasts roam this area (mostly not dangerous) and low magic energy is present, most inhabitants cannot use magic.


Ocsana is a mountainous area, which is rich with resources. It is located on the northernmost part of Acausia, causing it to have colder climates. There are some cities but also mostly has villages due to it being mountainous. There is low magic energy in this area.


Most technologically advanced of the three regions, has the biggest major city. Ushyae is near the oceans which means it's filled with fishing towns as well. There is high magic energy in Ushyae which means a large magic population. Although Ushyae is located right above Ioshar and is highly populated, the people aren't concerned as there is a large magic barrier that surrounds the entire region.


Located to the west of Ioshar and the south of Acausia. Rain forests and swamp heavy, there is only one city, Adreyburg. In Edros there is high magic energy, so there is also a high magic population multicultural population, mixed people but mostly native Edrians.

Adreyburg (Capital city)

consists of older styled buildings, not super advanced in terms of technology. There's a good mix of magic and non magic users, its size and proximity to Ioshar makes it less populated compared to Muhna. Edros has a lot of rivers. Average magic energy. Most people who live here are older because they can sustain a calm lifestyle.


Southeastern most continent of Astrel. Extremely high but super unstable magic energy, dark energy surrounds the area, desert around the perimeter but the interior is filled with forests and caves. Ruins of past cities are littered around the area. No known population - basically uninhabitable, some people have set up a base camp for willing explorers. Known for the Temple of Gishi at the heart of the continent no one has successfully explored the temple in its entirety, they’ve either gone missing and have never come out or died along the way.


Continent of Astrel. It is an island to the west of Edros and Acausia. People of all different countries live here making it very multicultural. It has a high density and large cities takes up most of the land. There are mountains surrounding most the island, the southeast end of the island consists of beaches and docks. Muhna has smaller fishing industry, and its main industry is mostly tourism. Average magic energy, good place for people of both magic and non magic lineage.


The world of Utral is larger than Astrel but has less history and a smaller population. Utral is connected to its sister world of Astrel, located in a different universe. These two have been connected and crossing paths since their creation.


Utral consists of 2 continents, created and ruled by Acreus, Ula, and Kuorr



Floating island, would overlap with Muhna. Extremely sacred land, only those deemed worthy or who have been touched by the Gods may enter, mainly deserts, holy grounds at the heart of the continent. Three Gods are worshipped here,


Lively bustling cities, not super advanced but people are happy, most everyone is capable of using magic, non magic users are looked down upon and treated poorly. Most magic user supremacists come from Rashnal.

Alternate Realms

God Land

Angel HQ

Demon Realm