Appearance: He's tall, looks like a z*ddy LMAO. Long black hair that he keeps in a ponytail like koujaku LOL. He wears yukatas most of the time, his favourite one is the dark blue one! And he sometimes wears a white yukata.. top (?) on his shoulders. His human eye is like... cyanish idk but his demon eye is red with dark scleras. He's on the pale side bc he just stays underground 24/7

Personality:He's really smart and was able to memorize his whole spell book when he first lost his eye sight. He's keen. He's not super patient but if he really wants something he'll wait as long as he needs to! He's intuitive and is a great problem solver :)

Background: When Damien was 7 years old he got into a fight with some kids on the playground, ofc the other kids were losing bc Damien was way better at using magic compared to them. So then those kids got desperate and one of them picked up a giant rock and smashed it against his the back of his head. He ended up unconscious and bleeding on the ground. They left him for dead that day u_u Some people eventually walked by and brought him to the hospital where he found out he would be permanently blind y_y He accepted his fate that day and started working on living with his blindness. He was already pretty gifted at magic so memorizing his spellbook and the motions needed to cast spells was a breeze for him. He continued on with his education and finished magic highschool early. Even though he had adjusted his lifestyle, he still... didn't want to be blind. He was searching for any type of medicine or magic that could possibly bring his eyesight back to no avail... until one day... The day he tried to make a deal with the devil. He figured since he can summon the dead, the devil shouldn't be any different. But he fucked up lol. By accessing the underworld, he accidentally allowed whatever the first demon to crawl out to enter his body as a vessel. Damien wasn't so weak to just allow the demon to completely take over so he made a compromise to allow the demon to do whatever he needed to do in exchange for his eyesight back. He ended up regaining his eyesight but only so long as the demon still resides in him and will get it completely back when the demon does what he needs to do.

Name Damien
Age 23
Birthday April 4
Gender Male
Race Human; Ushyean/Muhnar.
Height 185cm (6'1)
Weight 73kg (160lbs)
Blood Type A
Class Necromancer
Weapon(s) idk yet



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