dedicated to the (generally tragic) pairs that is the light haired anime boy and their dark haired boyfriend... (i swear none of them end happily...) now that i think abt it i think this trope subconsciously influenced bbcream aha

Akira & Ryo

The OG pair...I honestly think they originated it... the juxtaposition btwn them is so gorgeous i wish there was better official/manga art of them i could put here :( and ryo is like satan and akira is amon... bro chefs mf KISS!!! i originally watched the OVA bc there was a funny english dub but ugh... i love them... nvr finished crybaby tho *shrug*

Ash & Eiji

why does this hurt so muhc... this pairing will always leave a gd hole in my heart... LIKE BROOO just looking at this gif i'm in SHAMBLES... the love they felt was truly. stronger than anything in the world it hurts me so much...

Caesar & Joseph

also with me in my formative years... i remember tearing up when someone was talking abt it at a con n i asked them to b quieter bc i was emo LMFAOOO caesar i love u my sunflower

Guts & Griffith

i also LOVE the art that juxtaposes them... the armor the hair... ugh its GORGEOUSSS do i ship them? idk i nvr read/watched berserk in its entirety i was scared to bc ppl hated griffith so much back in the day i was scared of getting a tumblr call out... but now.. i think i'll read it... one day

Kaworu & Shinji

can never go wrong with good ol kawoshin... i have their poster from eva 3.33 and idk... why are all these pairs so tragic... as an ex(?) shinji kinnie this one really holds dear to my heart as well... idk... kawoshin was there for me when no one else was...

Yukito & Touya

you cannot tell me that they arent gay and in love. look at the way they look at each other... they go on dates and shit... i love them :(

Naruto & Sasuke

these guys are canon arent they lawl... jk ik they arent but everyone knows they should have been/// the way it was written

Gon & Killua

"Gon... you are light sometimes you shine so brightly I have to look away..., but even so, can i stay by your side?" *pleading face*

OOFURI (2003)
Abe & Mihashi

i cried SO HARD when abe got injured... it was so depressing... and also the patience and care abe feels when he's with mihashi its absolutely amazing... its so caring i love them

Gintoki & Hijikata

i've attempted to watch this show So many times... idk if i'll ever get past the first 3 episodes but.. ik these dudes r sexy

07-GHOST (2005)
Teito & Mikage

"Mikage was my light..." perhaps a bit of a rarepair... but they were SO GOOD... best and only friends at the academy... IM CRYING i feel nostalgia in every inch of my body man i miss 07-ghost...

Yuki & Aru

lemme tell u. when this kiss happened in the manga i made it my msn header LMFAOOO N THEN HE U KNOW... LAWL... i mean i dont evn remember the Context of the kiss but i think he was in love or something i guess

Kaoru & Sentarou

i love them so much... they were obviously in love w each other :|

Jean & Marco

ok but specifically 2014 jeanmarco fanon... i still think abt the fanart and fanfics i consumed in those years... mwah theyre a really cute pair idc... i have 0 idea whats going on in the anime/manga anymore but they've been immortalized as 2014 jeanmarco in my mind

John & Dave

i love their relationship so much... its so pure idk

NO.6 (2011)
Nezumi & Shion

i love their dynamic so much +__+ i love. them.

Kaneki & Hide

the fact that they Weren't canon.. and just best friends....k... FMLASMD sorry im a sucker for best friends to lovers... i can clearly tell who cares for who the most and whos closest to each other when theyre best friends..