Honestly these characters were originally for Misadventure May 2019!! I didnt finish the challenge LOL but i do like these charas n i think i wanna build on their universe hehe. I didn't know what to call their au... doesnt rlly have a name so i'm leaving it as boat for now bc they are travelling.... by raft LOL


21 / ♂ / 5'5 / Human / Mute

Personality: Gets annoyed really easily, mostly by Fisu. Feels like he just doesn't have enough energy to deal with him. Overall he's really observant and overthinks a lot.

Background: He left his tribe's village because he felt like... he was meant to do something more. He wanted to see the world! So, he decides to set sail and see what else the world has to offer!!


18 / ♂ / 5'10 (head to tail), 1'7 (land form) / Siren

Personality: He's kinda loud and annoying sometimes lol but he's a good kid at heart and generally has good intentions when he's not purposfully annoying Xin. He's a very sentimental person and is quite emotional. However he's also really good at acting and it's hard to tell when he's pranking or not. He's really outgoing and fun loving so he's always talking with others, but bc hes annoying smtimes he gets into fights a lot n is kind of confrontational.

Background: Fisu lives under the ice where Xin's village is situated. Bc of this and his outgoing, fun loving nature, he got along well with the tribe since he was a young fish. He got attached to Xin bc he saved his life or smthing i havent rlly thought abt this au i'll get back to u. but yea theyre pretty close friends!!


26 / ♂ / 5'8 / Human

Personality: Very gentle and kind person. He loves animals a lot !!

Background: its not much... but its honest work! he's been farming his whole life... similarly to Xin, he too wants to go explore the world but he's never had the funds, thinks he's too old, and always had to tend to the farm, not that he minds! He does love the farm life and the tranquility it brings. will he join the other two in their adventures? we'll find out