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Destiny was Preordained


Matt and Jinsoo met for the first time in a diner. After beating up some gross dudes, they fell in love at first sight! (you can read this comic in the gallery below :p) There was of course, initial attraction... but there was something underlying that they both felt... that this moment was meant to be.... Afterwards, they ended up talking and ate at the diner together, I guess you could say it was their first date :$ They exchanged numbers and their friendship started :3 Matt is head over heels in luv with Jin-soo and always has him on his mind lol unfortunately, Matt was kind of insecure bc of Jin-soo's more outgoing and extravagant personality and thought they would never get together... So he could only secretly pine for Jin-soo. Little did he know the pining was mutual but he just didnt know it ToT. Jin-soo was a little less oblivious to Matt's crush on him, mostly bc Matt is a lot more obvious about it. On one special night when they were hanging out, Matt revealed his feelings just because he felt it was... the right moment and that Jin-soo deserved to know abt his feelings. Jin-soo kissed Matt under the moonlight or sm sht and revealed his feelings too :$ Jin-soo felt that he was connected to Matt from the moment that they met, he's really into fate and stars and destiny, u know and he really felt love for Matt from the start but it grew along the way :$ And so, they started dating and they're everyone's fave emo/prep boyfriends LOL They really were fated to meet each other and will love each other til the end hehe No matter what they'll always be by each other's side... mwah


Well... I was looking through my OCs to see what I could do with them... and then i found these Blondie and Bedhead.. and thought they'd be cute together :D I drew them in the Love at First.... Fight?! comic and lo and behold BB Cream couple was born!! heh... the name originated from... Blondie and Bedhead... also it was around 2017 and Twice's Likey was just released... BB cream ppappapa... LOL so yea I gave them names later but BB Cream was like... their name for a while haha. Then from there I just drew them a lot bc theyre fun and easy to draw tho i do want to give them.... more personality in a sense? and then i drew the webcomic which is also on my site here who knows when I'll finish lawl but yea! just thought this would be a cute fun AU to do... something smaller than my other universes LOL Slice of Life, Romance, College type heh


Good question.. I'm sure you are wondering... Matt and Jin-soo are fated lovers to say the least :naruto: *HALO SPOILERS AHEAD* i mean does it really matter ur reading this anyways like. anyways so in HaLoVerse, Matt and Jin-soo are magic users prolly i'm still working out the kinks n sht. Jin-soo had a guardian angel with golden hair and eyes, who ended up getting injured trying to protect him. This angel was Maru. Maru is HaLo's Matt but from Astrel(if udk what this is go n read my HaLo page aha or just ask me idc), whereas the Matt that is Matt is from Utral. (a little confusing bt bare w me) Utral!Matt crossed over to Astrel for reasons i'll figure out idk but there he met Jin-soo... and well i guess they fell in love there too aha... they go on adventures together w the rest of the gang n fight n sht... Jin-soo's often there to cover Matt's back and vice versa bt Matt always feels like he's being protected by Jin-soo. Their relationship develops more n they fall more in love... In a battle... idk which one yet maybe the final one ? Matt takes a fatal blow for Jin-soo and D words lawl like Maru (cept maru was already dead). So... no matter what universe they were really meant to meet and be together... Astrel, Utral, or just regular ol Earth College AU LOL... yea so... soulmates is their thing.. teehee i feel kinda bad bc Someone out there is gonna call me out for killing off a gay chara bt thats what this au is for ok :/ so they can have a regular life and be in love peacefully

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Bedhead / ♂ / 19; Nov 7; Scorpio / 5'11 / AB / Korean

Personality: He's a romantic and isn't afraid to show it, though sometimes it is a bit more subtle :$ He's really handsome and garners a lot of attention from other people because of his looks but also because of his bright personality and energy. People are always fawning over him because he's really cool and smexy. He's relatively laid back and kind of care-free but brings a lot of energy when it's needed. He's a bit cocky because people have been boosting his ego since like forever but he still knows where his flaws lie. He's really weird, ridiculous and spontaneous contrary to his stoic image aha.

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Matt; Blondie / ♂ / 19; Dec 30; Capricorn / 5'8 / A / Khmer

Personality: He's more shy and reserved and isn't used to receiving so much attention so he's not really sure how to handle or express it. He's usually in the background and isn't much of a leader, He's passive and is really alright with most choices other people make but agonizes when he as to make decisions for himself. When something does bother him he won't outwardly express anything due to not wanting other people to hate him y_y but he's be really vocal abt sht on twitter (LOL) and with people he trusts. He still has a lot of feelings and strong morals even if he only expresses it online lmao. Once he's comfortable, he opens up a lot more and is can be a bit of an idiot but he's generally more reasonable and a bit of a straight man

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Vin / ♂ / 20; May 15; Taurus / 5'10 / O / Hong Kong Chinese

Personality: He's a super supportive friend and is always there to listen when his friends need it. Not particularly ambitious in life, he's honestly just trying to get by. Loves to spend time with the ones he loves and would do anything for them. He has a super accepting personality and doesn't really make fun of others or judge them. But bc of this aspect of his personality other ppl are rlly skeptical about his true feelings. He's not that talkative but his presence is always nice to have around.

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All work done by me unless otherwise stated! :^) credit given in the captions!