some digital pieces i've drawn
Whisper of the Devil

Dec 19, 2020. I'm so happy with how this turned out!! The lines and colouring are like. some of the nicest ive done heh anyways this is the demon that made a deal w damien to restore his eyesight but at a cost ofc ;)


Nov 24, 2020. kinda attempted painting ;o i think it was fun to do! the bottom half is kinda lacklustre bc... im rlly bad w clothes LOL and painting is something i'm completely new to :oo overall not too shabby for my first digital painting :3

Anime Eras

May 14, 2020. Just wanted to showcase different styles throughout different decades!! Also i just really love retro anime lol
60s-70s, 80s
90s, 2000s,
2010s and 2020!

Chibi Donghun

December 2, 2019. Kinda figuring out a chibi style i guess!!

Vampire Jun

July 30, 2019. Ok about being back from hiatus LMAOO... but hey what can ya do. but i was rlly happy with this piece because i played arnd with lighting a bit and posing as well!! its like. one of the few full body shots i've done and honestly? love it...

Bird Farmer

May 8, 2019. I was kinda on hiatus for a few months lol but now im back babie B) and better than ever I'm so so sooo happy with this piece like... the colouring the lineart... nut.. lmaoo i was tryna do like the bishounen sparkle lookin thing and then added a subtitle bc i was like... this looks like something u'd see in an anime so lol but again... underappreciated smh


Mar 8, 2019. I drew this for the title page of my term project! It was my first time working w/ pixel art and i fuckin love it lol our game turned out great so i'm happy!!

Lucas in Love

Mar 2, 2019. I think i drew this when I was so th*rsty for romance lol (still am LMAO) but yea i was playing around with a different colourscheme i guess? and stuck to using pinks and reds mostly lol i thought it was rlly cute n i actually got my colouring together rather than using watercolour for everything and having a lot of holes in the colouring haha though my line art is soo sketchy

Nyah comic, but with BB Cream

Feb 9, 2019. I thought this comic was fitting to their personalities and I was trying to figure out if i should attempt a different style when i did digital compared to traditional, and in the end i ended up sticking with how i usually draw and honestly i'm really happy with this and its just really cute in general u_u